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The vision of the Bodija-Ashi Baptist Church (BABC) Choir is for all members of BABC ultimately to be among “the choir of God in Heaven”. While here on earth, the Choir aims to contribute to the worship of God in Spirit and truth, pointing people towards Christ and Heaven through music and song ministration. The mission therefore, is to impact lives positively for Christ and Heaven through the ministry of music and to promote the true worship of God through the same ministry.
The Bodija-Ashi Baptist Church (BABC) choir started in 2002 with the inception of the church. It was initially an informal group, comprising Sis. Olawale (wife of the student pastor residing within the premises of the church) and two other young girls. In 2003, the group came under the leadership of Sis. Modupe Osikoya who joined the church in April that year and indicated her interest in choir ministry. There were then six members. Bro. (now Pastor) Yinka Abimbola, the then Music Director (MD) of Orita Mefa Baptist Church (our Mother Church) who comes with some members of the OBC choir to teach the choir classical songs. Some of the OBC choir members occasionally robed with the BABC choir on Sundays in support and encouragement.
Eventually, some youths in the church became interested in the choir, as well as some adults and by 2005, when the church was to be organised, the choir had grown numerically to about 25 members. Sis. Toyin Ogunkunle became the Music Director in 2008, having being assistant to Sis. Osikoya since 2004. By the end of 2011, the choir membership had grown to 35.
The Choir ministers a variety of special numbers (classical, traditional and contemporary spiritual songs) both in English and Yoruba – to the congregation during Sunday worship services, and also during special programmes such as crusades and revivals. Easter and Christmas Cantata programmes have become regular annual seasonal events.
The Church has acquired various musical instruments over the years, including a Yamaha 1.500 keyboard, a Yamaha Clavinova 505 keyboard, drum set, conga drum,bongos,sekere,2 saxophones, a trumpet, 2 guitars and a violin. A Church Organist, Mr Abayomi Akinyele, was employed by the Church in January 2009. Also, since the
church acquired a multimedia projector, the Choir had been able to project songs on power point as it sings, so that the words are more clearly appreciated by the audience. All these measures have assisted the choir to improve in the quality of singing and add meaning to its ministration over the years, to the glory of God