Getting to Know Diabetes

Fire on the Mountain!!!
•The whole world is on fire with diabetes!
•An awful pandemic called “diabetes” is engulfing the whole world.
•In 2005, there were 171million cases reported globally. 366million will be diagnosed in 2030. America alone today recorded 28million and 30million cases expected in 2030 while 200million is presently at risk.
•Lagos State recorded 1million cases in 2006 and accounted for 1 out 6 hospital admissions and deaths.
•Obesity has been identified as a precursor.
–Globally, there are 1billion overweight people and will double in in 20years
–3% of African children are overweight.
•Diabetes is a horrible, cruel, painful, ferocious, and expensive disease.
•A silent killer with the tendency to torture before killing its victim.
–Globally, 3.2million deaths are attributed to diabetes yearly: 8,700 deaths daily, 6 deaths per minute.*
•Millions of people die yearly from the complications from this deadly disease:
–Silently damage the body vessels, destroy the eyes, paralyze the kidneys and nerves…
–It is time to act.

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