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Men’s Missionary Union

The Men Missionary Union,MMU is as old as the church BABC at its inception in 2002 where ,at its origin in Saka Agbaje Street,New Bodija Ibadan, it began with regular Sunday Fellowships and programmes.
The MMU works closely with the Church leadership and very closely with other Departments in the church-The WMU,Children and the Church Training to smoothen services to church members at large.MMU cooperates very well by participating in all the Ibadan East Association MMU Programmes and outreaches,the Oyo West Conference and more with Annual Congress sessions of the Men Missionary Union.Members participatein the activities of the Onisago Home Mission and very recently,the Guffanti Home Mission.
It is pertinent to note and worth mentioning that the MMU midwife the Royal Ambassador until it was inaugurated into a chapter on 5 October ,2008 with Bro Lere Adeyemo as the RA Leader ;Bro Lere Adeyemo worked very assiduously until he was transferred to Ogbomosho when Bro Adewoyin took over the mantle of leadership.
Driven by a zeal and thirst for church growth and development,the MMU embarked on weekly inspiring and spirit lifting activities and lectures presented by seasoned men of God.
The Department has visited many underpriviledged in the society and made regular gifts available to them in cash and materials-visits were made to Alaanu House,UCH, in 2007 when a 3.5 Kva generator was donated; Chiproms where baby needs were also donated and the Motherless Babies Home ,Sanngo Ibadan in recent times.
MMU has taken its activities and gone afishing to impove the quality of leadership in presenting the MMU Focus Week,Fathers’s Day and frequent outreach programmes within the Association.Fellowships day changes from Sunday to Mondays in February 2006 but reverted to Sunday again when attendance was no longer encouraging;thanks be to God,it has remained Sunday ever since. OUR God has been very good to us.Leadership have progressively moved people and the Word from year to year and our officers within the department.The following officers ran the departments

Foundation Executive Officers:
Bro Debo Olayode, President 2002-2009
Bro Debo Olukole,Vice President 2002-2005
Bro Segun Adebayo,Secretary,2002-2009
Bro Dokun Tubi,Prayer Secretary,2002-2006
Bro Adeola,Prayer Secretary,2006-2009
Bro Tunji Onipede,Treasurer 2005 to date
The Word of God stands sure for ever.

We are driven by the Commands of our Lord,Go ye and make disciples of all Nations…Matthew 28:19