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The unit was established in June 2007 based on Biblical Teaching of LOVE touching not only the spiritual but physical needs of Church members. Bro. Akin Akinpelu was the proponent of this vision which was readily embraced by the church leadership. The six member committee was constituted as representatives of the various service groups within the church namely: Sunday school, MMU, WMU, Choir and Youth Fellowship. The committee members and roles are as follows:

Sis. ‘Remi Adeleke -Chairperson
1. Bro. Akin Akinpelu -Member
2. Bro Seye Adeyemo -Secretary
3. Dn. Ayo Adedokun -Member
4. Sis. Laitan Idowu -Member
5. Sis. Toyin Ogunkunle -Treasurer

The primary objective is to identify individuals and families within the church who are economically deprived for reasons within or beyond their control for needed assistance. The assistance will reflect the appropriate option of;
– Emergency financial support to meet immediate needs;
-Follow-up assistance towards self-reliance of the members e.g. to secure employment, skill acquisition, educational advancement, etc.;
– Godly and practical counsel where this is identified as the underlying predicament.
Future goals of the committee will be to expand its scope to other areas of emphasis that will impact better on economic empowerment of members of the church and beyond such as; Literacy & Education; Career Development; Financial and resource management; Home economics and storage of food; Physical health and well-being; Social and economic repositioning. The committee requested the church to put in place a monthly love offering contribution arrangement by worshippers. The collections go into the welfare purse for the use of the committee in meeting various needs of members. Requests for assistance are presented in writing to the committee for deliberation and decisions on the type and magnitude of assistance to be given.

The church through the welfare committee has ministered to various needs of its members since its inception in 2007. Few of such assistance rendered are as listed:
-Distribution of food items to affected members during Oyo State Civil Service strike;
-Financial support in payment of students’ fees for indigent members;
-Financial assistance to bereaved members;
-Business revitalization of members;
-Financial support for unemployed members; and
-Monetary gifts and food items to widows. Many non-members and visitors requesting for financial assistance from the church have also been assisted. The committee as much as possible screens many of such non-members and strangers who come to solicit for money every Sunday with various ‘stories’ so as not to encourage deceitfulness and false way of living.