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What started as a gathering of young men & ladies who just passed out of secondary school seeking admission/who just got admission into the university has grown into a group of vibrant people. The Youth Fellowship kicked off sometime in 2002 under the leadership of Bro. Yinka Ogunleye who did not only serve as spiritual head but also as a ‘BIG BROTHER’ to the teaming Youth of the Church at our temporary site in Saka Agbaje. The fellowship under his leadership was largely sustained by teaching and other exciting programmes such as picnics, musical activities etc. which helped build friendship among members, many of which are still being maintained. The youth fellowship held its weekly meetings at the end of service on Sundays. The fellowship also anchors a 2-hour programme on the 31st of December annually. Since the fellowship had just begun coupled with the fact that members were largely students in various institutions outside Ibadan, it was impossible to have an executive committee.
In the year 2004, Bro Yinka Ogunleye handed over to Bro Seye Adeyemo, with the following persons as co-leaders.

Ibukun Adeleke (Music Director)
Funmilayo Ajuwape (Ass. Music Director)

In spite of challenges encountered, the light of the fellowship was not blot out as members still held weekly meetings with other inspiring programmes and events such as the ‘YOUTH FELLOWSHIP’ Youth week e.t.c. which gave youths an opportunity to build themselves, and is observed till date. In 2007, the mantle was passed to Pastor Tayo Oladejo (then Bro Tayo Oladejo). Co-executives during his tenure were:
1. Bro. Abraham Oladejo – General Secretary
2. Sis. Mercy Aina – Financial Secretary
3. Bro. Kunle Adedoyin – Drama Coordinator
4. Bro. Bola Arinola – Music Director
5. Bro. Kehinde Ogunmekan – Programme/Prayer Coordinator
6. Sis. Titi Alaba – Welfare

With the help of God, the fellowship was taken to yet a higher pedestal as it got more involved in activities of the Nigerian Baptist Convention Youth Conference, and it even hosted the Ibadan East Baptist youth Association Youth Week Rally in 2008. This has been sustained over the years till date In obedience to the Great Commission, the fellowship reached out to the less privileged through a programme tagged “FEET-WASHING”.
In 2009, another set of leaders came on board headed by Bro Abraham Oladejo with the following as co-executives: Bro Lere Adejumo, Bro Tade Ogunjinmi, Bro Bukola Olakanmi, Sis Titi Alaba, Sis Mercy Aina, Bro Bolade Arinola. At the end of 2010, the leadership was reshuffled as members of the Executive members:
Bro Abraham Oladejo – President,
Bro Tade Ogunjinmi -V.President,
Sis Bola Adedokun -Secretary,
Bro Paul Arowolo -Prayer Secretary,
Bro Adedini ‘Femi -P r o g r a m m e Coordinator,
Sis Sade Gesinde -Treasurer,
Sis Funmi Ajuwape -Music Director and assisted by Bro Yomi Akinyele.
The leadership had as part of its goals to get more youths involved/committed to the fellowship especially young married couples who still fell within the age bracket of the youth fellowship as defined by the Convention. In furtherance of this, the fellowship also reviewed its meetings from Mondays 5pm to 5:30pm on Fridays to enable young married ladies to attend the WMU meetings on Mondays and also workers and students outside Ibadan to participate in the fellowship’s activities/meetings on Friday. To the Glory of God, this yielded good results as it improved the membership of the fellowship. The fellowship also held programmes that built the spiritual, career, relationship and other aspects of the lives its members as seasoned speakers within and outside the church were invited. A programme tagged “P-GENERATION” was birthed in 2011 in conjunction with Evang. Toun Soetan, who spurred the hearts of the fellowship as the visioner of this program. This brought Ibadan East Baptist youths as well as youths of other denominations under the umbrella created for the restoration of purity, passion and power to our generation. Another standing programme is the ‘Honour Night’ which is put in place to honour members getting married and same is held shortly before their wedding ceremony to give some tips on having a successful marriage.
This leadership has handed over to a set seasoned youths for the year 2012 whose names are listed below:
1 .Bro Leye Adedokun – President
2. Bro Paul Arowolo – V.President/Prayer Coordinator
3. Bro Joel Ajani – General Secretary
4. Bro Femi Adediwin – Programme Coordinator
5. Bro Yomi Akinyele – Music Director
6. Sis Toyin Oshodi – Treasurer
7. Sis Sade Gesinde – Financial Secretary